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Image of TAIYO YUDEN's 802.11bgn Cortex-M4F Wi-Fi Modules
802.11bgn Cortex®-M4F Wi-Fi Modules

TAIYO YUDEN's 802.11bgn Cortex-M4F Wi-Fi modules feature an onboard antenna and filter to reduce the components required for wireless designs.

Image of ISSI's LPDDR4/4X Mobile SDRAM

ISSI’s LPDDR4/4X mobile SDRAM use a double-data-rate architecture to achieve high-speed operations and are available in 2 Gb, 4 Gb, and 8 Gb densities.

Image of Littelfuse's Lo Rho Series Low Resistance SMD PPTCs
Lo Rho Series Low Resistance SMD PPTCs

The Littelfuse SL series of Lo Rho PPTCs minimize power consumption during operation, making them ideal for applications where minimum power consumptions are critical.

Image of Bulgin's Photoelectric Sensors
Photoelectric Sensors

Bulgin's photoelectric sensors offer a cost-effective and flexible sensing solution which can be used to detect objects up to 40 mm away.

Image of Adam Tech's ESMC Series Board-to-Board Stacking Connectors
ESMC Series Board-to-Board Stacking Connectors

Adam Tech's ESMC series board-to-board stacking connectors with 1.27 mm pitch bring versatility to parallel, perpendicular, or side-by-side connections.

Image of Digilent's Digital Discovery™ with High-Speed Adapter Bundle
Digital Discovery™ with High-Speed Adapter Bundle

Digilent's Digital Discovery™ is a combined logic analyzer and pattern generator instrument that was created to be the ultimate embedded development companion.

Waterproof Breakaway Connectors - Amphenol NEXUS
Waterproof Breakaway Connectors

Amphenol NEXUS Technologies' 7- and 10-pin connectors are watertight, breakaway connectors designed to meet severe environmental conditions.

Telephone Connectors - Amphenol NEXUS
Telephone Connectors

Amphenol Nexus Technologies manufactures high-performance telephone plugs and receptacles that are MIL-C-9177 qualified audio connectors.

nRF52 Bluetooth 5.2 - Nordic Semiconductor
nRF52 Series Bluetooth 5.2 SoCs

Nordic Semiconductor's nRF52 Bluetooth 5.2 ICs for home, industry, and commerce, as well as the more traditional areas of wearables and personal devices.

Image of Laird Connectivity's RS1XX LoRa® Sensors
RS1xx LoRa® + BLE Packaged Sensors

Laird Connectivity’s RS1xx series is a battery powered, long range integrated sensor platform leveraging the benefits of LoRaWAN™ and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity.

DCM3717 Non-Isolated, Regulated DC/DC Converter Module - Vicor
DCM3717 Non-Isolated Regulated DC/DC Converter Module

Vicor's DCM3717 enables customers in datacenter, automotive, and industrial markets to deploy high-performance 48 V power delivery for legacy 12 V loads.

HS Series Hybrid Supercapacitors - Eaton
Hybrid, High-Power 3.8 V Supercapacitors – HS Series

Eaton HS series hybrid supercapacitors are high-reliability, high-power, ultra-high capacitance energy storage devices utilizing proprietary materials.

Image of Omron's E2EW Metal Face Proximity Sensors
E2EW Metal Face Proximity Sensors

Omron's E2EW metal face proximity sensors offer weld field immunity, factor 1 sensing at extended range, and IO-Link to create an advanced sensor.

Image of TDK/Invensense's T3902 Low-Power PDM Microphone
T3902 Low-Power PDM Microphone

TDK InvenSense’s T3902 low-power PDM microphone for mobile, IoT, and other consumer devices meet the growing demand of the high-performance audio market.

Image of RACM230-G Series
RACM230-G Series AC/DC Converter

RECOM's RACM230-G series has a 4" x 2" footprint, low standby power consumption, and a high efficiency rating of 90%.