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Image of Amphenol Times Microwave Clarity Series

Clarity™ Series 18, 26.5 and 40 GHz Test Cables

Times Microwave Clarity™ series test cables offer better phase stability over temperature vs solid core cables. Optimized coax diameter makes the loss competitive with Gore for 18, 26.5 and 40 GHz. Highly RF stable with flexure for more accurate DUT measurement results.

Image of Amphenol Times Microwave LMR Assemblies

LMR Flexible Pre-Terminated Assemblies

Times Microwave’s LMR® pre-terminated cable assemblies are high performance broadband, flexible, low loss 50 Ohm coaxial communication coax designed for use in wireless application.

Image of Amphenol Times Microwave MaxGain Cable Assemblies

MaxGain® High Performance Cable Assemblies

Times Microwave MaxGain® Assemblies are high-performance, ultra-low-loss microwave coaxial cables. Built with our unique spiral outer conductor technology, this light-weight cable is a reliable, high frequency interconnect solution.

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About Times Microwave Systems

Times Microwave Systems is a leader in coaxial transmission line technology and production. They provide a broad range of RF and microwave transmission line solutions for military, aerospace, wireless communications, and industrial applications. Their engineering expertise and range of manufacturing capabilities are highly regarded in the industry. With production facilities in the US and China, they can address both specialized applications with extremely demanding performance requirements and high volume commercial applications at frequencies from a few kHz to 110 GHz. As an Amphenol company since 2009, Times Microwave Systems has access to the resources of one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world. Amphenol Corporation designs, manufactures, and markets electrical, electronic and fiber-optic connectors, interconnect systems, and coaxial and specialty cable.

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