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Image of CarlisleIT's Precision RF Adapters
Precision RF Adapters

CarlisleIT's RF/microwave adapters are designed for optimal performance and come standard in a passivated stainless-steel body to ensure mating reliability.

Image of Texas Instruments' TPS92200 Synchronous Buck LED Driver
TPS92200 Synchronous Buck LED Driver

Texas Instruments' TPS92200 1.5 A synchronous buck LED driver can be used as a buck converter to drive one or more LEDs from a 4 V to 30 V input.

Image of CarlisleIT's High-Performance, General-Purpose Passive Probes
High-Performance, General-Purpose Passive Probes

CarlisleIT's low-cost, high-performance, compact CATIII probes and CATIV probes in UL-certified plastic body are suitable for a variety of applications.

Image of KEMET's Pyroelectric Infrared Sensors
Pyroelectric Infrared Sensors

KEMET's pyroelectric infrared sensors use the pyroelectric effect of ceramic and can detect even slight infrared energy from the human body.

Image of TDK Lambda CUS400M AC/DC Power Supply
CUS400M AC/DC Power Supply

TDK-Lambda’s CUS400M AC/DC power supplies are available in a compact 3-inch by 5-inch footprint.

Image of MPS MP5030D USB Charging Port Controller
MP5030D USB Charging Port Controller

MPS’ MP5030D integrates a USB current-limit switch and charging port identification circuitry while achieving continuous output current.

Image of Tripp Lite’s UPS Battery Backup and Surge Protection
UPS Battery Backup and Surge Protection

Tripp Lite’s UPS battery backups and surge protectors help protect electronic components against strong power surges and spikes to prevent the loss of work.

Image of TE Connectivity AMP's LUMAWISE Endurance N Receptacles
LUMAWISE Endurance N Receptacles

TE Connectivity AMP's LUMAWISE Endurance N receptacles allow rotation up to 355 degrees and provide IP66 protection in harsh outdoor environments.

Image of Renesas’ Winning Combination - Modbus ASCII/RTU Slave Board
Modbus ASCII/RTU Slave Board

Renesas’ winning combination Modbus slave board is based on serial communication and has two transmission modes, Modbus ASCII and Modbus RTU.

Image of MPS's MPQ4480 36 V, 6A Step-Down Converter
MPQ4480 36 V, 6 A Step-Down Converter

Monolithic Power Systems’ high-frequency synchronous rectified step-down switch-mode converter requires a minimal number of standard external components.

Image of ROHM's BD9D300MUV Switching Regulator
BD9D300MUV Switching Regulator

ROHM's BD9D300MUV switching regulator is a 3 A synchronous buck switching regulator suitable for standard 12 V rail supplies and POL supplies.

Image of Renesas’ Winning Combination - Smart Earbuds Case Charger
Smart Earbuds Case Charger

Renesas’ winning combination smart earbuds case charger design incorporates the P9222-R and is optimized for compact and low-power applications.

Image of Jauch's JO22/JO32 Series 32.768kHz Oscillators
JO22/JO32 Series 32.768 kHz Oscillators

Jauch‘s JO22 and JO32 series 32.768 kHz oscillators offer high-performance frequency stability making them ideal for use in devices requiring RTC accuracy.

Image of Nexperia's LFPAK P-Channel MOSFET

Nexperia's family of P-channel MOSFETs are available in the robust, space-saving LFPAK56 (Power-SO8) package.

Image of Tripp Lite's Charging and Connectivity Solutions
Charging and Connectivity Solutions

Tripp Lite's large selection of reliable, convenient, and cost-effective charging and connectivity solutions help make home offices efficient and organized.