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Efinix Development Tool Tutorial Simple PLL creation in Interface Designer
Efinix Development Tool Tutorial- MIPI D-PHY Rev 1.1 and CSI-2 block creation
Efinix Development Tool Tutorial- LVDS block creation in Interface Designer
Efinix Development Tool Tutorial- GPIO block creation in Interface Designer for Trion Device Family
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10 minutes
Development Boards and Tools Introduction
This presentation will focus mostly on implementation details, the development environment with the Efinity tools and their development kits, along with implementation examples.
10 minutes
Trion® FPGA and How They Work
This presentation will give a brief summary of the Trion FPGA family and the functional blocks available in the Trion family.
5 minutes
FPGA Family Introduction Overview
This presentation will discuss the features, technology, and products for the Trion FPGA family.
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About Efinix, Inc.

Efinix is a leader in programmable platforms that accelerate innovations in AI, edge computing, compute acceleration, and custom logic. The company’s core technology is the Quantum programmable fabric, which delivers a 4X Power-Performance-Area advantage over traditional FPGAs. Efinix products support a wide range of applications from easy-to-use consumer products to I/O intensive interfaces to complete system solutions.