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Bergquist / Henkel

Image of Bergquist Liquid Gap Fillers

Liquid Gap Fillers

Henkel / Bergquist’s GAP FILLER materials are two-component, thermally conductive, form-in-place elastomers that provide virtually zero stress on components.

Image of Bergquist's Thermal Gap Pads

Thermal Gap Pads

Henkel / Bergquist’s extensive GAP PAD family provides an effective thermal interface between heat sinks and electronic devices, improving an assembly’s thermal performance and reliability.

Image of Bergquist's Thermal Sil-Pads

Thermal Sil-Pads

Henkel / Bergquist’s line of SIL-PAD materials offer excellent thermal performance, are more durable than mica, create less mess than grease and are highly cost efficient.

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About Bergquist / Henkel

Henkel’s BERGQUIST® brand thermal management materials include a broad range of solutions for reliability-enhancing heat dissipation within modern electronic devices. The company’s BERGQUIST GAP PAD® gap filling thermal interface materials (TIMs) are soft, compliant, pre-cut pads that reduce assembly stress while providing excellent thermal conductivity. Liquid BERGQUIST Gap Filler TIMs, which can be automatically dispensed, are ideal for applications where complex dimensions are the norm and/or high throughput is required. The expansive thermal solutions portfolio also includes SIL PAD® thermally conductive insulators, BOND PLY® thermal adhesives, HI FLOW® phase change materials and TCLAD® Insulated Metal Substrates (IMS®).

Henkel’s acquisition of The Bergquist Company in 2014 effectively expanded Henkel’s leading position in electronic materials development to include state-of-the-art thermal control products. Now covering nearly all phases of semiconductor packaging, electronics assembly, thermal management and structural assembly, Henkel is unmatched in its ability to provide top electronics companies with comprehensive material solutions.