DF52 Series Wire-to-Board Connector

Hirose's DF52 series 0.8 mm pitch, 1.75 mm height, 4.1 mm depth small wire-to-board connector

Image of Hirose's DF52 Series Wire to Board ConnectorHirose introduces the DF52 series wire-to-board connector, a 0.8 mm pitch, 1.75 mm height, 4.1 mm depth connector suitable for small-sized applications. The housing is designed with thick walls while remaining small. This produces a strong, robust connector that resists damage. The maximum current of 2.5 A (using 2-position 28 AWG wire) is achieved by using highly conductive material and appropriate contact force. The BOX shaped crimp contact prevents deformation during assembly and contributes to the overall stability and robustness. The housing is designed with an open side that allows for visual inspection to insure the connectors are fully mated preventing accidental disconnect.

  • 0.8 mm pitch, 1.75 mm height, 4.1 mm depth small connector rated up to 2.5 A (max) with AWG#28, 2-position
  • Robust design is tolerant of cable wiring
  • High contact lance strength
  • Box shape crimp contact prevents deformation
  • Supports cables with jacket O/D 0.5 mm to 0.6 mm, AWG#32 to 28 RoHS compliant, halogen-free product
  • Notebook PC, tablet
  • DSC, DVC
  • Wearable devices
  • Security cameras
  • PPC, MFP
  • Amusement equipment
  • Video games

Rectangular Connectors - Headers, Receptacles, Female Sockets

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionStyleNumber of PositionsAvailable QuantityView Details
DF52-2S-0.8H(21) datasheet linkCONN RCPT 0.8MM 2POS R/A PCBDF52-2S-0.8H(21)CONN RCPT 0.8MM 2POS R/A PCBBoard to Cable/Wire212855 - Immediate
DF52-2S-0.8H(21) product page link
DF52-4S-0.8H(21) datasheet linkCONN RCPT 0.8MM 4POS R/A PCBDF52-4S-0.8H(21)CONN RCPT 0.8MM 4POS R/A PCBBoard to Cable/Wire49314 - Immediate
DF52-4S-0.8H(21) product page link
DF52-5S-0.8H(21) datasheet linkCONN RCPT 0.8MM 5POS R/A PCBDF52-5S-0.8H(21)CONN RCPT 0.8MM 5POS R/A PCBBoard to Cable/Wire514055 - Immediate
DF52-5S-0.8H(21) product page link
DF52-6S-0.8H(21) datasheet linkCONN RCPT 0.8MM 6POS R/A PCBDF52-6S-0.8H(21)CONN RCPT 0.8MM 6POS R/A PCBBoard to Cable/Wire618243 - Immediate
DF52-6S-0.8H(21) product page link
DF52-8S-0.8H(21) datasheet linkCONN RCPT 0.8MM 8POS R/A PCBDF52-8S-0.8H(21)CONN RCPT 0.8MM 8POS R/A PCBBoard to Cable/Wire83966 - Immediate
DF52-8S-0.8H(21) product page link
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Rectangular Connectors - Housings

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionConnector TypeNumber of PositionsAvailable QuantityView Details
DF52-4P-0.8C datasheet linkCONN PLUG 0.8MM 4POSDF52-4P-0.8CCONN PLUG 0.8MM 4POSPlug411327 - Immediate
DF52-4P-0.8C product page link
DF52-5P-0.8C datasheet linkCONN PLUG 0.8MM 5POSDF52-5P-0.8CCONN PLUG 0.8MM 5POSPlug5813 - Immediate
DF52-5P-0.8C product page link
DF52-8P-0.8C datasheet linkCONN PLUG 0.8MM 8POSDF52-8P-0.8CCONN PLUG 0.8MM 8POSPlug8680 - Immediate
DF52-8P-0.8C product page link
DF52-14P-0.8C datasheet linkCONN PLUG 0.8MM 14POSDF52-14P-0.8CCONN PLUG 0.8MM 14POSPlug141003 - Immediate
DF52-14P-0.8C product page link
DF52-2P-0.8C datasheet linkCONN PLUG 0.8MM 2POSDF52-2P-0.8CCONN PLUG 0.8MM 2POSPlug210 - Immediate
DF52-2P-0.8C product page link
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Rectangular Connectors - Contacts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPin or SocketContact TerminationWire GaugeAvailable QuantityView Details
DF52-2832PCF datasheet linkCONN PIN 28-32AWG CRIMP TINDF52-2832PCFCONN PIN 28-32AWG CRIMP TINNon-GenderedCrimp28-32 AWG202669 - Immediate
DF52-2832PCF product page link

Crimpers, Applicators, Presses

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusTool TypeFor Use With/Related ProductsAvailable QuantityView Details
AP105-DF52-2832P datasheet linkTOOL PRESS APPLICATOR 28-32AWGAP105-DF52-2832PTOOL PRESS APPLICATOR 28-32AWGActiveBench Press, ApplicatorRectangular Contacts, 28-32 AWG1 - Immediate
AP105-DF52-2832P product page link
TOOL BENCH PRESS AUTOMATEDCM-105CTOOL BENCH PRESS AUTOMATEDActiveBench Press, Automated - without ApplicatorVaries by AP105 Applicators0CM-105C product page link

Crimpers, Applicators, Presses - Accessories

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
AP105-DF52-2832P(65) datasheet linkTOOL APPLICATOR DF52 ACCESSORYAP105-DF52-2832P(65)TOOL APPLICATOR DF52 ACCESSORY2 - Immediate
AP105-DF52-2832P(65) product page link
AP105-DF52-2832P(62) datasheet linkTOOL APPLICATOR DF52 ACCESSORYAP105-DF52-2832P(62)TOOL APPLICATOR DF52 ACCESSORY1 - Immediate
AP105-DF52-2832P(62) product page link
AP105-DF52-2832P(63) datasheet linkTOOL APPLICATOR DF52 ACCESSORYAP105-DF52-2832P(63)TOOL APPLICATOR DF52 ACCESSORY1 - Immediate
AP105-DF52-2832P(63) product page link
AP105-DF52-2832P(64) datasheet linkTOOL APPLICATOR DF52 ACCESSORYAP105-DF52-2832P(64)TOOL APPLICATOR DF52 ACCESSORY1 - Immediate
AP105-DF52-2832P(64) product page link
AP105-DF52-2832P(61) datasheet linkTOOL APPLICATOR DF52 ACCESSORYAP105-DF52-2832P(61)TOOL APPLICATOR DF52 ACCESSORY1 - Immediate
AP105-DF52-2832P(61) product page link

Insertion, Extraction

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
DF-C-PO(B) product page link
Published: 2017-06-20