STRIPT™ Single IDC Contact 12-18 AWG

AVX features their 9177-500 IDC contact for larger wire gauges

Image of AVX's STRIPT Single IDC Contact 12-18 AWGAVX’s STRIPT insulation displacement naked contact technology provides cost-effective, insulator-less, wire-to-board connection for discrete wire applications. Designed from the ground up to function just like a traditional insulated connector, these UL certified contacts have been industry proven for many years. This 9177-500 series has been designed to support the larger wire gauges from a robustness and current rating perspective.

Features and Benefits   Applications
  • Proven "gas tight" cold welded wire termination
  • Redundant contact systems provide enhanced wire retention and high current carrying capabilities
  • Cost-effective STRIPT insulator-less contact system
  • Industrial motor controls, drives, and pumps
  • Commercial building wiring and electrical systems
  • Outdoor/transportation lighting
  • Solar and alternative energy

Single IDC Contact Connectors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
709177001501006 datasheet linkSINGLE CONTACT 14AWG709177001501006SINGLE CONTACT 14AWG12491 - Immediate
6300 - Factory Stock
709177001501006 product page link
709177001591006 datasheet linkSINGLE CONTACT 12AWG709177001591006SINGLE CONTACT 12AWG629 - Immediate
50400 - Factory Stock
709177001591006 product page link
709177001512006 datasheet linkSINGLE CONTACT 16AWG709177001512006SINGLE CONTACT 16AWG223 - Immediate
709177001512006 product page link
709177001522006 datasheet linkSINGLE CONTACT 18AWG709177001522006SINGLE CONTACT 18AWG188 - Immediate
1400 - Factory Stock
709177001522006 product page link

Insertion Tools

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
069177702203001 datasheet linkINSERTION TOOL 2.75MM069177702203001INSERTION TOOL 2.75MM27 - Immediate
069177702203001 product page link
069177702201001 datasheet linkINSERTION TOOL 4.25MM069177702201001INSERTION TOOL 4.25MM7 - Immediate
069177702201001 product page link
069177702202001 datasheet linkINSERTION TOOL 3.50MM069177702202001INSERTION TOOL 3.50MM5 - Immediate
069177702202001 product page link
Published: 2017-05-17