Lighting Solutions

Amphenol is a leader in the Commercial and Industrial markets with an expanding range of LED lighting interconnect solutions for new and existing applications for smart cities and intelligent buildings. As a member of the Zhaga Consortium, Amphenol is furthering innovation in LED lighting by supporting new connector design ideas. The FLM Series was also chosen by the Zhaga Consortium as the standard for Zhaga Book 20. These connectors are ideal for interior lighting that are Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) capable, and support both Bluetooth and Zigbee connectivity.

Modern lights, especially street lighting for smart cities, come with sensors that sense live traffic and pedestrian information. Amphenol offers lighting connectors for dimming and sensor applications in IIoT-based street lighting, which is governed by two well-known lighting standards in the industry, ANSI/NEMA and Zhaga. Beyond street and road lighting, modern indoor and outdoor lighting in the commercial and industrial sectors are equipped with enhanced competences. Amphenol has designed Ethernet solutions that support Power over Ethernet (PoE), are capable of Cat5E performance, and protect against harsh weather with IP67 sealing.

Article: A Smart Standard for Smart Lighting Systems

FLM Series

FLM Series – Zhaga Book 20 Compliant

The FLM Series, chosen as the Zhaga Book 20 standard, specifies 2 position connectors identified as Luminaire Extension Module Receptacles (LEX-MR) and Luminaire Plugs (LEX-LP), used for DALI-2 (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) applications. DALI-2 is a smart interface protocol between indoor luminaires and sensors and communication modules. The FLM Series connectors allow modules to connect to the LED driver and control system. The modules can be easily field serviced and replaced when necessary. The FLM Series connectors are available in Wire-to-Wire and Wire-to-Board configurations. The pin contact connectors (LEX-MR receptacles) are available as right angle or vertical PCB mount with SMT tails, or as wire termination housings for use with crimp contacts (purchased separately). The socket contact connectors (LEX-LP plugs) are available for use with wire crimp contacts (purchased separately), or with integrated contacts with poke-in wire termination.

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FLS Series

FLS Series Outdoor Lighting Receptacles

The FLS series products are compliant with Zhaga Book 18. The FLS receptacle is designed with four contacts for power, DALI, and digital I/O, and mounts on a luminaire. The mating FLS base/extension module and dome together form the housing for a photocell/sensor module assembly. The receptacle is compatible with and mates to all photocells built with an Amphenol Book 18 base/extension module which is available in both 40 mm and 80 mm diameters, as well as any certified Zhaga Book 18 extension module.

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FLA Series

ANSI C136-41 FLA Series Dimming Receptacles

The FLA Series ANSI C136-41 dimming receptacles are designed with power and dimming/signal contacts to provide a connection between dimmable photocell and the luminaire for commercial and utility lighting. The locking-type receptacles are compliant with ANSI C136-10. These are also used for lighting applications inside intelligent buildings. FLA dimming receptacles come with UL94V-0 high-temperature-resistant housing and are rated up to 15 A per power contact.

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FLB Series

ANSI C136-41 FLB Series Bases and Domes

Amphenol ICC’s FLB series base assembly provides a platform for a customer-supplied PCBA providing photocell or other control functionality. The FLB base mates with the FLA series receptacle and utilizes twist-lock technology to provide a secure, integrated power and signal interface solution for use in roadway and area lighting applications.

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FLH Series

FLH Series Connectors

The FLH series mini-sealed 2.50 mm pitch connectors provide a wire-to-wire IP67 sealing in mated conditions. Its waterproof characteristics make it ideal for applications in harsh environments. These connectors can generally be used in industrial applications, lighting appliances, HVAC, and smart-homes. The compact design of the FLH series is suitable for space-saving applications.

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MRD Series

MRD Series Rugged Circular Locking Connectors

Amphenol ICC's MRD series connectors are available in 2, 3, and 4 position form factors. Housing options include all plastic constructions as well as metal locking bodies for greater durability. Locking options include 1/3 turn bayonet locking as well as quick release metal latches. Panel mount and cable termination options are available with or without finger proof protection.

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