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Signal Relays Up to 2 Amps - TE Connectivity Potter & Brumfield

View TE Connectivity's signal relays up to 2 Amps. Latching dual coil, latching single coil, and non-latching all available at Digi-Key.

Component Solutions for Industrial and Commercial Applications

Tyco Electronics offers an almost endless range of electrical and electronic interconnection products.

Component Solutions for Appliance Industry

Tyco Electronics has a special focus on appliances and the companies that manufacture and market them.

Elevators and Escalators

Electromechanical and electronic products to keep people moving.

Industrial Communications

Networked manufacturing environments enable seamless communication, as well as greater speed and efficiency.

Innovative Solutions for I/O Communications

TE Connectivity is your communication I/O solutions provider for electronic interconnect.

Innovative Solutions for Lighting Applications

From outdoor luminaires to commercial refrigeration, innovation in lighting is taking advantage of broad-based technological progress.

Lighting Components and Application Guide

The lighting industry is undergoing rapid changes in the quest for energy efficiency, longer life, and new applications. From stadium displays to residential illumination, innovation in lighting is taking advantage of broad-based technological progress.

Railway Components Application Guide

Tyco Electronics can help your next stock to roll and your communication to run.

Solutions for Naval and Marine Industry

Tyco Electronics offers a broad portfolio of products from connectors, cables, relays, contactors and identification to wire and cable, terminals, heat shrink, fiber optics and assemblies.