Digi-Key Catalogue EU2011-EN

Welcome to the Digi-Key Catalogue. Digi-Key offers over 1,000,000 components from more than 470 suppliers. This is an electronic reproduction of our March 2011 print edition. Please note that this section is intended as a reference only. Product descriptions, specifications and pricing may have changed since this catalogue was released. To search for product, view stock status, see real-time pricing, or place an order, please use our Part Search.

Product Index
  Accelerometer — Current Indicators
  DC Block — Gyroscopes
  Hardware — Isolators
  Kits — Nebulizer Units
  Optical Enhancement Films — RTDs
  SCRs — Switches
  Tachometers — ZNRs

Supplier Index
  3M — Bussman
  Caddock Electronics, Inc. — Excelsys
  Fairchild Semiconductor — ITW Chemtronics
  JAE Electronics, Inc. — Murata Power Solutions, Inc.
  National Semiconductor — Pulse
  Qimonda — Switchcraft, Inc./Conxall
  Taiyo Yuden — Zilog

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