WSLF2512 High Power Low Value Current Sense Resistor

Vishay Dale's WSLF2512 resistor is rated for up to 6 W and down to 0.0003 Ω

Image of Vishay Dale's WSLF2512 High Power Low Value Current Sense ResistorVishay Dale's WSLF2512 has an all metal welded construction that provides robust performance for pulse and overload conditions while also providing superior temperature stability over a wide range of ambient temperature and power conditions. The high-power capability enables designers to use the smallest resistor possible so the end product can be the smallest and lightest possible with automotive grade reliability.

  • High power density; 6 W for a 2512 size
  • Low resistance to minimize power dissipation; down to 0.0003 Ω
  • TCR down to 70 ppm/°C
  • Low inductance (< 2 nH)
  • Low thermal EMF (< 3 µV/°C)


  • Current sensing, voltage division, and pulse applications in power management for
    • Automotive electronic controls (engine, transmission, anti-lock brakes, audio, and climate controls)
    • Inverter controls for down-hole test and measurement equipment
    • Inverter controls for HVAC systems
    • VRMs for servers

WSLF2512 Series Resistors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionResistancePower (Watts)Available QuantityView Details
WSLF25121L000FEA datasheet linkRES 0.001 OHM 1% 5W 2512WSLF25121L000FEARES 0.001 OHM 1% 5W 25121 mOhms5W8266 - Immediate
WSLF25121L000FEA product page link
WSLF2512L5000FEB datasheet linkRES SMD 500 UOHM 1% 6W 2512WSLF2512L5000FEBRES SMD 500 UOHM 1% 6W 2512500 µOhms6W3696 - Immediate
WSLF2512L5000FEB product page link
WSLF25121L000FEB datasheet linkRES 0.001 OHM 1% 5W 2512WSLF25121L000FEBRES 0.001 OHM 1% 5W 25121 mOhms5W2251 - Immediate
WSLF25121L000FEB product page link
WSLF25122L000FEA datasheet linkRES 0.002 OHM 1% 5W 2512WSLF25122L000FEARES 0.002 OHM 1% 5W 25122 mOhms5W360 - Immediate
WSLF25122L000FEA product page link
WSLF25123L000FEA datasheet linkRES 0.003 OHM 1% 4W 2512WSLF25123L000FEARES 0.003 OHM 1% 4W 25123 mOhms4W337 - Immediate
WSLF25123L000FEA product page link
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Published: 2017-06-22