FRED for High-Power Systems

PANJIT's diode is an optimized product line-up to satisfy the needs from various power conversion circuits

Image of PANJIT's FRED for High Power SystemsPANJIT's fast recovery epitxatial diode (FRED) Gen.1 with optimized product line up satisfies the needs from various power conversion circuits such as Boost PFC, Vienna PFC, Boost converter, etc. Suitable FRED characteristics should be chosen by the different switching frequency applications. FRED has a trade-off relationship between VF and QRR because high doping concentration at the epi layer is needed for lower QRR, but it will cause higher VF. Therefore, optimization of FRED performance is one of the key design points that should be considered.

PANJIT FRED Gen.1 has 2 types of FREDs; Speedy FRED and Optima FRED. Speedy FRED has minimized QRR and is recommended for high-frequency switching applications such as CCM Boost PFCs, Vienna PFCs, and boost converters. Optima FRED has reduced VF and is recommended for low-frequency and high-conduction applications like CrCM and DCM boost PFC, ORing, and line grid rectification.

PANJIT provides various FRED products for system designers to choose a proper FRED for their applications. PANJIT FRED Gen.1 line-up comes with breakdown voltages of 650 V, 1,000 V, and 1,200 V, current rating of 8 A to 60 A, and various discrete packages such as TO-220AC, ITO-220AC, TO-263, TO-247AD-2LD, and TO-247AD-3LD.

  • Best trade-off on VF and TRR
  • Low leakage current
  • Soft recovery characteristic for better EMI
  • Best efficiency
  • Best combination with power switches
  • Server power
  • Telecom power
  • TV power
  • PC power
  • PV inverters
  • ESS
  • BMS
  • Home appliances
  • EV charging systems
  • UPS
  • Industrial motors


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
TO-247AD-3LD, FREDPSDH6060CCS1_T0_00001TO-247AD-3LD, FRED1500 - ImmediateView Details
TO-247AD-3LD, FREDPSDH6060CCL1_T0_00001TO-247AD-3LD, FRED1500 - ImmediateView Details
TO-247AD-3LD, FREDPSDH3060CCS1_T0_00001TO-247AD-3LD, FRED1494 - ImmediateView Details
TO-247AD-3LD, FREDPSDH3060CCL1_T0_00001TO-247AD-3LD, FRED1499 - ImmediateView Details


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
ITO-220AC, FREDPSDF0860L1_T0_00001ITO-220AC, FRED1990 - ImmediateView Details
TO-220AC, FASTPSDP0860L1_T0_00001TO-220AC, FAST2000 - ImmediateView Details
TO-220AC, FASTPSDP1560L1_T0_00001TO-220AC, FAST1960 - ImmediateView Details
TO-220AC, FASTPSDP3060L1_T0_00001TO-220AC, FAST3996 - ImmediateView Details
TO-247AD-2LD, FASTPSDH3060S1_T0_00001TO-247AD-2LD, FAST1500 - ImmediateView Details
TO-263, FREDPSDB0860L1_T0_00001TO-263, FRED1988 - ImmediateView Details
TO-263, FREDPSDB1560L1_T0_00001TO-263, FRED2000 - ImmediateView Details
TO-263, FREDPSDB3060S1_T0_00001TO-263, FRED1947 - ImmediateView Details
TO-220AC, FASTPSDP08120L1_T0_00001TO-220AC, FAST1664 - ImmediateView Details
TO-263, FREDPSDB3060L1_T0_00001TO-263, FRED2000 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2022-05-13