1551USB Miniature Plastic USB Enclosures

Hammond offers their 1551USB series plastic ABS enclosures for USB connectors and boards

Image of Hammond 1551USB Miniature Plastic USB EnclosuresHammond's 1551USB miniature plastic USB enclosures are ideally suited for dongles and/or mounting small printed circuit boards with USB connectors. Molded in ABS plastic (material has a UL94-HB rating). They are available in three lengths and five colors.

Features and Benefits

  • Choice of three lengths in five colors. Stocked in black (RAL 9011), gray (RAL 7035), and translucent clear
  • Satin texture finish
  • Cover is recessed for easy label installation
  • Complete with lid and two self-tapping screws (plated for gray and clear, black for black)
  • Two or four PC board standoffs molded into interior depending on enclosure size (see datasheet drawings for details)
  • Designed to meet IP54
  • USB connector is not included

1551USB Series Enclosures

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
1551USB1TSK datasheet linkBOX ABS TRAN/SMK 1.38"L X 0.79"W1551USB1TSKBOX ABS TRAN/SMK 1.38"L X 0.79"W152 - Immediate
214 - Factory Stock
1551USB1TSK product page link
1551USB2GY datasheet linkBOX ABS GRAY 1.97"L X 0.98"W1551USB2GYBOX ABS GRAY 1.97"L X 0.98"W128 - Immediate
331 - Factory Stock
1551USB2GY product page link
1551USB2CLR datasheet linkBOX ABS TRAN/CLR 1.97"L X 0.98"W1551USB2CLRBOX ABS TRAN/CLR 1.97"L X 0.98"W1027 - Immediate
819 - Factory Stock
1551USB2CLR product page link
1551USB2TRD datasheet linkBOX ABS TRAN/RED 1.97"L X 0.98"W1551USB2TRDBOX ABS TRAN/RED 1.97"L X 0.98"W439 - Immediate
1113 - Factory Stock
1551USB2TRD product page link
1551USB3BK datasheet linkBOX ABS BLACK 2.56"L X 1.18"W1551USB3BKBOX ABS BLACK 2.56"L X 1.18"W384 - Immediate
724 - Factory Stock
1551USB3BK product page link
1551USB2TSK datasheet linkBOX ABS TRAN/SMK 1.97"L X 0.98"W1551USB2TSKBOX ABS TRAN/SMK 1.97"L X 0.98"W204 - Immediate
605 - Factory Stock
1551USB2TSK product page link
1551USB3CLR datasheet linkBOX ABS TRAN/CLR 2.56"L X 1.18"W1551USB3CLRBOX ABS TRAN/CLR 2.56"L X 1.18"W925 - Immediate
942 - Factory Stock
1551USB3CLR product page link
1551USB3TRD datasheet linkBOX ABS TRAN/RED 2.56"L X 1.18"W1551USB3TRDBOX ABS TRAN/RED 2.56"L X 1.18"W52 - Immediate
660 - Factory Stock
1551USB3TRD product page link
1551USB3TSK datasheet linkBOX ABS TRAN/SMK 2.56"L X 1.18"W1551USB3TSKBOX ABS TRAN/SMK 2.56"L X 1.18"W108 - Immediate
1065 - Factory Stock
1551USB3TSK product page link
1551USB3GY datasheet linkBOX ABS GRAY 2.56"L X 1.18"W1551USB3GYBOX ABS GRAY 2.56"L X 1.18"W201 - Immediate
1021 - Factory Stock
1551USB3GY product page link
1551USB2BK datasheet linkBOX ABS BLACK 1.97"L X 0.98"W1551USB2BKBOX ABS BLACK 1.97"L X 0.98"W69 - Immediate
1551USB2BK product page link
1551USB1CLR datasheet linkBOX ABS TRAN/CLR 1.38"L X 0.79"W1551USB1CLRBOX ABS TRAN/CLR 1.38"L X 0.79"W302 - Immediate
1298 - Factory Stock
1551USB1CLR product page link
1551USB1TRD datasheet linkBOX ABS TRAN/RED 1.38"L X 0.79"W1551USB1TRDBOX ABS TRAN/RED 1.38"L X 0.79"W76 - Immediate
658 - Factory Stock
1551USB1TRD product page link
1551USB1GY datasheet linkBOX ABS GRAY 1.38"L X 0.79"W1551USB1GYBOX ABS GRAY 1.38"L X 0.79"W275 - Immediate
408 - Factory Stock
1551USB1GY product page link
1551USB1BK datasheet linkBOX ABS BLACK 1.38"L X 0.79"W1551USB1BKBOX ABS BLACK 1.38"L X 0.79"W86 - Immediate
239 - Factory Stock
1551USB1BK product page link
Published: 2016-05-27